First class medical treatment

At the prestigious Am Hof ​​address in the first district, MAYRLIFE offers its guests and patients first-class treatments to optimize their health and wellbeing and strengthen their immune system. During your personal appointment, you will be cared for by our competent and experienced team of doctors and treated according to the latest medical standards.

MAYRLIFE in the city center of Vienna

MAYRLIFE is your lifelong companion in all matters of health, such as stress reduction, detoxification of the organs, achieving a efficient digestive system, and balanced dietary habits.

The range of services at our Vienna day clinic includes medical consultations (30/60 minutes) tailored to individual needs, which can take the form of initial discussions, follow-ups after completing a course of treatment, or consultations on various specific topics (such as tips for strengthening the immune system, dietary supplement recommendations, and nutrition tips).

Opening hours & appointments

Our MAYRLIFE team will be available in 2023 at the Vienna Day Clinic on the following upcoming dates:



November 20-24 Dr. Friederike Jandl
December 4-8 Dr. Friederike Jandl


January 15 – 19 Dr. Friederike Jandl
January 29 – February 2 Dr. Ingrid Eysn
February 12 – 16 Dr. Friederike Jandl
February 26 – March 1 Dr. Ingrid Eysn
March 4 – 8 Dr. Friederike Jandl
March 18 – 22 Dr. Ingrid Eysn


Opening hours on consultation days:
Mon - Thu: 08:30 am - 2:30 pm
Fri: 08:30 am - 1:00 pm

Please make an appointment by phone or by mail.

Our services

Medical Consultations

60 Min Consultation 460 Euros
30 Min Consultation 230 Euros


Mitochondrial Infusion 180 Euros
Alkaline Infusion 144 Euros
Skin-Hair-Nails Infusion 168 Euros
Vitamin-Mineral Infusion 132 Euros
Adrenal Infusion 156 Euros
Vitamin B12 Injection 12 Euros
IHHT (Hypoxia Training) 140 Euros
FRAS (Free Radicals) 110 Euros
Mineral Analysis 110 Euros
Blood Collection  


Dr. med. univ. Ingrid Eysn

Deputy Head of Medical Department

Modern Mayr Medicine, Functional Myodiagnostics, Orthomolecular Medicine, acupuncture, emergency medicine, anthroposophic medicine, traditional European, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine, alpine and altitude medicine

Dr. med. Friederike Jandl

General Practitioner

Specialist in physical medicine & rehabilitation, emergency physician, Modern Mayr Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, fascia therapy according to Typaldos

48.211639167768, 16.3684271