An innovative approach for optimal results

Modern Mayr Medicine is the fusion of conventional medicine and complementary medicine, focusing on holistic health. The MAYRLIFE Health Concept is based on the principles of the original Mayr Cure by Dr. FX Mayr and integrates state-of-the-art innovative methods to promote your health and enhance your well-being. The essential components of Modern Mayr Medicine are the six pillars of Rest, Education, Cleansing and Substitution, as well as Exercise & Movement and Mental Health.

The six pillars of Modern Mayr Medicine


Gentle nutrition for your health

Through alkaline, regional, and high-quality nutrition tailored to individual needs, your body is optimally supplied with nutrients. Digestive problems are reduced, the immune system is strengthened, and your metabolism improves.


Valuable knowledge for your everyday life

During your stay, you will learn about your body, the functioning of the digestive system, and how you can optimize your health in the long term. Our experts will provide you with valuable tips and techniques that you can integrate into your daily life.


Detoxify and Revitalize

Through fasting, cleansing, and personalized nutrition, we support detoxification, relief, and revitalization, leading to improved digestion, increased vitality, and a strengthened immune system. Base powder regulates acid-base balance.


Support for your body

In consultation with our experts, we prescribe infusions and the intake of dietary supplements to optimally support your body. We assist you in developing a personalized supplementary therapy that aligns with your individual needs.

Exercise & Movement

For an active life

We offer a variety of physical activities that cater to your individual needs and fitness levels. Whether you enjoy hiking, practicing yoga, or working out in the gym, we support you in becoming more active and strengthening your body.

Mental Health

Find your inner balance

The proper composition of gut bacteria has a positive impact on mental health. The MAYRLIFE cure restores gut health. Additionally, targeted relaxation techniques and stress management promote your mental health and inner balance.