Because every person is unique

Every detail of your MAYRLIFE therapy program is tailored to your personal desires and needs – from the selection of medical treatments and therapies to the exercise program and mental coaching, right down to each individual meal.

With our comprehensive initial diagnostics and ongoing evaluations during your stay at MAYRLIFE Medical Health Resort, we develop precisely the treatment plan that suits you best. This ensures that you achieve your health goals and maintain the newly acquired sense of well-being in the long term.

Your personalized stay at MAYRLIFE


Even before your stay, we support you in conducting blood and microbiome tests in order to address your health needs specifically

Initial medical examination

Comprehensive medical history and thorough diagnostics following the F. X. Mayr method by your MAYRLIFE physician at the beginning of your treatment

Personal therapy plan

Your doctor creates your plan based on your needs and preferences, consisting of individual medical therapies and treatments

Customized diet plan

A customized diet plan is created for you, taking into account your personal intolerances and sensitivities

Daily coordination with your doctor

The daily manual abdominal treatment by your doctor also includes monitoring the progress of the treatment, allowing for important, individually necessary adjustments to be made

Final medical examination

Discussion of the further course of treatment and recommendations for at-home detoxification as well as adjustments to your lifestyle to ensure long-term success

Transition phase

Individual dietary recommendations for the period after the treatment provided by your MAYRLIFE nutrition advisor, taking into account personal intolerances


Our team of doctors and nutrition advisors will accompany you after your treatment and assist you in maintaining and successfully continuing your new lifestyle
Individualized from the start
The MAYRLIFE initial examination

The beginning of your stay starts with the initial examination conducted by your MAYRLIFE doctor. They will accompany you throughout your entire time with us and perform a comprehensive medical history and thorough diagnostics. Based on this information, your doctor will develop your personal blend of medical treatments, physical therapies, and individual dietary recommendations to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes.

A key component of the MAYRLIFE initial examination is Functional Myodiagnostics: By observing muscle reactions to specific stimuli, we can determine the vital nutrients and supplements your body needs, as well as identify any intolerances.

Your individual plan
State-of-the-art medical therapies to help you achieve your personal health goals

Over 80 different treatments and therapies in the fields of classical and complementary medicine, nutrition, exercise, and psychology are available to you at MAYRLIFE. This diversity allows us to tailor our approach precisely to your individual needs.

A key aspect of this is the close and trusting exchange with your MAYRLIFE doctor. During the daily manual abdominal treatment, your plan and progress are also evaluated. If there is room for improvement, we react immediately and adjust your program accordingly.

Lasting successes
The MAYRLIFE final examination

Just as individual as the initial examination, so is the final examination. A comprehensive health check will show you what you have achieved during your stay at MAYRLIFE. Your doctor places your treatment results into a holistic context and discusses them with you in detail.

Furthermore, we provide recommendations on how to integrate the MAYRLIFE lifestyle into your daily life. Our nutrition advisors will create your personal diet plan for post-treatment detoxification and advise you on how to maintain the new sense of well-being in the long term.

Precare and Postcare

We are here for you whenever you need us

We accompany you not only during your stay at MAYRLIFE Medical Health Resort but far beyond. With our innovative Med@Home offerings, you can prepare for and follow up on your time with us optimally. Through Precare diagnostics, your MAYRLIFE doctor already has many important results at the initial examination, allowing you to start your health journey immediately.

After your stay, our Postcare program supports you with appointments with your MAYRLIFE doctor and dietitian to help you sustain your achieved successes. We offer online consultations for all your medical concerns. Additionally, we are available at the MAYRLIFE Day Clinic in Vienna.