MAYRLIFE Bio Kokosöl

Coconut Oil

Use rich coconut oil for all Asian dishes: soups, sauces, curries and everything else you like to eat. Coconut oil has a subtle, exotic taste so you can use it in stews like goulash or pan-fried spelt patties. Because it’s similar to butter, the fat has a solid consistency at room temperature and a melting point of 24 °C. Coconut oil makes for easy Christmas cookie baking. With a smoke point of 234 °C, it is stable and heat resistant even at high temperatures. Coconut oil contains slightly fewer calories compared to many other vegetable oils, so if you replace butter and other fats with coconut oil, you do something good for your well-being and your figure!

370 ml

€ 22,90

Recommended use

For soups, stews, curry and christmas bakery


100% organic coconut oil