Hemp Oil

Hemp is an ancient and special medicinal plant. Fortunately, its medicinal components are also found in the oil including numerous vitamins and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio. Organic hemp oil is ideal for refining salads, raw vegetables, and soups enhancing foods with its fresh grassy scent and nutty-tartness. The oil also ideal for skin care without side effects, thanks to the minimal amount of gamma-linolenic acid (2.8%). Hemp oil does not contain THC.


Please do not order to be shipped to the United States - customs officers do not react well to the hemp oil!

250 ml

€ 19,90

Recommended use

Hemp oil is best matched with orange/yellow vegetables and soups and spreads made from those.

Hemp oil can also be used as a conditioner no matter what your hair type is. To use hemp oil as a conditioner, apply it to freshly washed hair and leave it in for moisturization and shine. To intensify the effect, wrap the hair in a towel for 20 minutes before rinsing.


100% cold pressed organic hemp oil