Organic Ghee

Clarified Butter

Ghee is made according to an old, traditional recipe by clarifying and refining butter until it is completely free of water, milk protein and lactose. The result is a pure natural product of the highest quality. Ghee has been used for millennia for the preparation of food. Ayurvedic cooking uses ghee instead of butter, oil and fat. When warm, Ghee has a fine aroma and its slightly sweet and nutty flavor refines all dishes. Use ghee for cooking, frying, and stewing.

370 ml

€ 17,90

Recommended use

In MAYRLIFE Balanced Cuisine, organic ghee is an ideal fat. It is lactose-free and can be used for cooking, frying and baking. The ideal range of temperatures for this versatile product is between 180 and 230°C.


100% Clarified Butter