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Body Brush

Improves Circulation

MAYRLIFE offers two different brushes to cover the possible applications of dry and wet brushing:

The MAYRLIFE body brush with its beech wood body, natural bristles and a cotton hand strap enables a gentle cleansing effect and can also be used in the shower or bath. It is important to allow it to dry out properly after wet application.

The MAYRLIFE monastery brush consists of a beech wood body, copper bristles and natural bristles and a leather hand strap. This is a very special brush among dry brushes and as the name implies, monks and nuns were aware of its wonderful, energizing effect even back in the Middle Ages. This effect is based on the special copper alloy of the bristles. When friction is applied, they create a tiny current that immediately relaxes the brushed areas and revitalizes the body as a whole. The friction of the delicate bronze brushes generates anions on the skin, supporting the energetic equilibrium. The body is supplied with oxygen ions – the massage has an invigorating and relaxing effect and enhances the circulation. The monastery brush allows you to experience a refreshing, revitalizing brush massage like no other. This brush must not get wet.

1 piece

€ 30,00

Recommended use

If you want to benefit from the many health- related benefits of a dry massage, carefully brush your skin each time before you take a shower or bath – omitting any irritated areas of the skin, of course (inflammations, rashes etc.). You should also only brush your face with a specialized facial brush.

Brush your skin with long strokes and light pressure, as described below:

  • Start on the outer part of your right foot and brush in the direction of your torso, then continue on the inside of the right foot.
  • You can also make circular motions on your upper thighs and bottom.
  • Then switch to the left leg.
  • Now the arms are up: start on the back of your right hand and brush along the outside of your arm up to your shoulder, and then follow the same direction on the inside.
  • Switch to the left arm and repeat this process
  • In the stomach and chest area, the strokes should be performed in a circular motion.



wood, leather or cotton strap, natural bristles