Leberwickel grau

Liver Packing Wrap

Encourages Detoxing

If excess strain is placed on the liver, this can lead to us feeling sluggish, low on energy, weak and ill-humored. To make sure that your central point of detoxification is able to perform at peak capacity once more, you should care for it regularly. The MAYRLIFE liver packing wrap promotes circulation and therefore also the body’s detoxification function thanks to its damp heat, fragrant hay and relaxing effect. In this way, you get your metabolism back on track and make a valuable contribution to maintaining your health.

The MAYRLIFE liver packing wrap consists of a cosy hot water bottle, made from natural rubber tree milk sap, a lovely towel made in Austria and two herbal bags with fragrant hay from the Salzburg region.

As an alternative to the herbal bags, hay allergy sufferers can moisten a portion of the towel and should order our allergen free version.


1 Set

€ 49,90

Recommended use

1. Fill the hot water bottle with hot (not boiling) water to two thirds capacity. The temperature should feel pleasant to you.
2. Expel the air before closing the hot water bottle, and wrap the bottle with a dry towel.
3. Soak one of the two herbal bags in a bowl with warm water. For hay allergy sufferers: as a replacement for the herbal bags, dampen a portion of the towel and place it under the hot water bottle.
4. Place the damp herbal bags / moistened towel directly onto your skin below your right rib cage, on top of the liver.
5. Place the filled, wrapped hot water bottle on top of the herbal bags.
6. Lie down on your back, get comfortable and cover yourself with a blanket.
7. Rest like this in a relaxed position for 20 to 30 minutes.


One MAYRLIFE hot water bottle, Made in Germany

One fluffy MAYRLIFE towel, made in Austria

Two herbal bags, filled with finest herbs from Austrias alpine region