Bittertropfen 50 ml

Bitter Drops

Natural bitter substances are the ideal complement to a healthy, balanced diet. The 100 % natural ingredients in the MAYRLIFE bitter drops are produced by hand in the Styrian Salzkammergut region in a neighboring village of Altaussee.

20 ml/50 ml

€ 18,00

Recommended use

Before or after a meal, add 10 to 15 drops into a glass of lukewarm water or allow them to dissolve undiluted straight onto your tongue. Long-term use is recommended. Store tightly closed in a place that is cool, dry, protected from light, and out of the reach of small children.


They support digestion as well as the detoxification of the liver, and can be taken regularly before meals. What’s more, they have been used for centuries thanks to their diverse range of effects.


Alcohol: 40,5% vol., Herbal extract: Absinthii, Hb. Centaurii, Pericarp. Aurantii amari, Radix Gentianae, Cort. Cinnam. ceylan., Hb. Millefolii

vegan, gluten free and no artifical additives.