Bitterspray groß

Bitter spray

Natural bitter substances are the ideal complement to a healthy, balanced diet. The 100 % natural ingredients in the MAYRLIFE bitter spray are produced by hand in the Styrian Salzkammergut region in a neighboring village of Altaussee.

50 ml

€ 27,00

Recommended use

Before or after a meal, or whenever you feel the need, spray 1 to 3 times into your mouth.
Long-term use is recommended. Store in a place that is cool, dry, protected from light, and out of the reach of small children.


Alcohol: 40,5% vol., Herbal extract: Absinthii, Hb. Centaurii, Pericarp. Aurantii amari, Radix Gentianae, Cort. Cinnam. ceylan., Hb. Millefolii vegan, gluten free and no artifical additives.