We accompany you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle

The MAYRLIFE Cuisine is a central component of the MAYRLIFE Health Concept. Our kitchen is characterized by its healing effect on the digestive system. With your individually tailored nutrition plan and long-term habit changes, we enable the restoration of balance in your microbiome, achieve and maintain your individual optimal body weight, and contribute to disease prevention and slowing down your biological aging process.


Health at a gourmet level

The MAYRLIFE Cuisine is characterized by alkaline, regional, and organic dishes of the highest quality. In the restaurant, we value mindful eating culture, where chewing and stimulating the sense of taste take center stage, promoting carbohydrate digestion. The digital timeout during meals helps to focus on the food and the present moment.

This is how MAYRLIFE cooks

"My task is to restore the fitness and health of our guests through nutrition – and this is achieved through excellent teamwork with our medical staff as well."


Stefan Mühlbacher is the head chef at MAYRLIFE Medical Health Resort, a passionate food artist, and the mastermind behind new dishes and products that promote gut health.

To facilitate the start of your treatment course

Good preparation before the cure eases the start and reduces withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. We support you in maximizing success at the MAYRLIFE Medical Health Resort by providing information and tips regarding nutrition, sleep, and consumables. Our doctors and nutritionists are available to advise you through telemedicine before your stay at our MAYRLIFE Medical Health Resort as part of your preparation.

While at our Medical Health Resort
Individually tailored to you

At the beginning of your cure, your MAYRLIFE doctor conducts numerous examinations and tests (including urine, microbiome, blood, functional myodiagnostics, and metabolic measurement). Based on the findings and considering your individual food intolerances and sensitivities (e.g., histamine, casein, lactose, gluten), he/she then creates a customized nutrition plan for you. This plan can be adjusted as needed during the daily consultation with your doctor.

During the cure, we provide you with delicious and healthy dishes, which are key to optimal detoxification. Our nutritional principles are based on easily digestible, alkaline foods such as vegetables, potatoes, omega-3 oils, and sometimes fish or meat. Digestive-promoting herbs and spices, as well as sufficient water and herbal tea intake outside of meals, support the detoxification process.

After your stay
To preserve your achievements

The on-site nutrition serves as preparation for your new lifestyle at home. By breaking old habits, you will feel more vital and strengthened in the long term in your daily life. Follow-ups via telemedicine consultation appointments provide additional support.

Moreover, intolerances and test results (including blood, free radicals, antioxidants, acid-base balance, microbiome) can be reevaluated at our Vienna Day Clinic. With our online shop, we offer you the opportunity to supply yourself at any time with our products, such as MAYRLIFE vegetable broth, base powder, omega-3 oils, gluten-free oats, and baking mixes.

  • MAYRLIFE is where I started my "year of health". Now I know how to maintain my weight loss.
    Rebel Wilson
    Australian actress
  • MAYRLIFE is one of the most healing places I have ever been to. The expert doctors are superb and I feel ready to follow a new route in my nutritional journey.
    Sarah Ferguson
    Duchess of York
  • It is the destination I am always seeking for my mind, health & spirit.
    Emma Cannon
  • Thanks to MAYRLIFE I was able to let go of that unwanted weight - not just physically but in my soul and on my mind.
    Ivan Pol “The Beauty Sandwich”
    Renowned celebrity facialist
  • My stays at MAYRLIFE have profoundly changed my life. I live more consciously and actively embrace changes.
    Jochen Schropp
    German actor and television host
  • After seven days at MAYRLIFE I feel refreshed, mentally balanced with a big smile on my face.
    Loni Baur
  • My week at MAYRLIFE has truly and sustainably changed me, my life, and my health.
    Aminata Belli
    German television host
  • MAYRLIFE is a true haven where I can forget the stress of everyday life.
    Patrick Ashworth
    Founder & CEO of Bearty LTD
  • I can't imagine not coming back!
    Nick Vinson
    Founder & CEO of Vinson&Co
  • The therapies, the nutrition, and the magic of the place possess an incredibly cleansing power.
    Mon Müllerschön
    Art Consultant at Burda Publishing
  • Nothing comparable in America. Well worth the journey! Medical attention, superb facilities, breathtaking natural setting.
    Caroline Nation
  • It's a turn key experience where you come back as a new person.
    Johan Ernst Nilson
    Explorer & adventure activist, Stockholm

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World Luxury Spa Award 2023

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